“What About Everything?” – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Before filming the video, I was sitting on the steps by the river Ljubljanica waiting for things to quiet down. I don’t mind ambient noise, in fact I think it can add to the video, but there was a group of fifteen or so kindergarteners getting their picture taken by their teacher and chattering quite a bit, so I was going to hold off filming until they’d passed by. They were milling around, and I looked up to see their teacher smile at me and gesture, like playing an instrument. I quickly grasped her meaning and started to play this song. The kids were immediately enthralled and within ten seconds were all sitting in a line on the step above me, staring at me with rapt attention. When I finished the song, they all started clapping and saying things in Slovenian. After I said “thank you” in English a few times, they, with prompting from their teacher, let out a chorus of “thank you’s” and “goodbye’s” in English. It was very sweet and a perfect start to a sunny day.

“What About Everything?” –  Carbon Leaf 


One thought on ““What About Everything?” – Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Love the song but oh my love the story of the kindergarten kids too! What fun that must have been. Music is certainly universal.

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