“What About Everything?” – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Before filming the video, I was sitting on the steps by the river Ljubljanica waiting for things to quiet down. I don’t mind ambient noise, in fact I think it can add to the video, but there was a group of fifteen or so kindergarteners getting their picture taken by their teacher and chattering quite a bit, so I was going to hold off filming until they’d passed by. They were milling around, and I looked up to see their teacher smile at me and gesture, like playing an instrument. I quickly grasped her meaning and started to play this song. The kids were immediately enthralled and within ten seconds were all sitting in a line on the step above me, staring at me with rapt attention. When I finished the song, they all started clapping and saying things in Slovenian. After I said “thank you” in English a few times, they, with prompting from their teacher, let out a chorus of “thank you’s” and “goodbye’s” in English. It was very sweet and a perfect start to a sunny day.

“What About Everything?” –  Carbon Leaf 


“Let It Go” – Graz, Austria

The ukulele may not be your go-to instrument to cover a song about ice and snow, but I maintain that if it can be played on the ukulele, it should be played on the ukulele. And to be perfectly honest, despite a large part of my life having been spent in freezing New England/Austrian/Czech winters, the cold does bother me quite a bit (luckily we didn’t have any today).

Filmed next to the Graz Cathedral and in front of the Mausoleum. Thank you to Lizzy Williams for your filming patience, encouragement, and dance skills.

Disney’s “Frozen”